Jaimie recently performed as Lily Craven in "The Secret Garden" at the Barn Theatre, Cirencester, directed by Dominic Shaw.



“American singer Jaimie Pruden is a haunting presence throughout as Colin`s late mother Lily.”



“Jaimie Pruden performs as the ethereal character, Lily, who acts like a loving ghost on stage that never seems to want to leave. Her marvellous voice shines through.”



“…ghosts of the past (…led by the piercing beauty of Jaimie Pruden’s voice as Lily)…”



“Pruden in particular, through her voice alone, creates a spine-tingling and eerie stage presence which conveys Archibald’s torment – this really stood out for me. Her voice is incredibly alluring, and worked well with the cross over between the Edwardian and folksy aesthetic.”



“All credit to the actors here, particularly David Haydn, who plays grieving widow Archibald Craven and Jaimie Pruden, who is an ethereal presence throughout as his late wife Lily Craven.”



"Perhaps the stand out performance of the night was from Jaimie Pruden. Her portrayal of the celestial Lilly Craven was a delight – a voice that was left ringing in our reviewer’s ears, long after her spirit left the stage."